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Car Parts Pricing

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Why pay retail at O Reilly auto parts, Auto Zone or Pep Boys when you can bring your tools and get the parts you need at a fraction of the cost? We have great car parts pricing for our Self Service Department as you can see. Use the search field to help find the prices for the part(s) you need.

We are no longer able to sell air bags.

PartCar PriceTruck PriceCore
3rd Brake Light$5.50$5.50
ABS Sensor$5.50$5.50
Accelerator cable$5.50$5.50
Air Bag Suspension type$16.50$27.50
Air bag (steering wheel or dash)$38.50$38.50$3.00
Air Cleaner box (plastic)$16.50$16.50
Air cleaner hose$5.50$5.50
Air Cleaner Housing Carb$5.50$5.50
Air Cleaner Lid$5.50$5.50
Air Conditioner Compressor$38.50$44.00$10.00
Air Conditioner Compressor Clutch$11.00$11.00$1.00
Air Conditioner Condenser$38.50$38.50$10.00
Air Conditioner Dryer$11.00$11.00$1.00
Air Conditioner Evaporator$22.00$22.00$5.00
Air Conditioner Hose Double$22.00$22.00$1.00
Air Conditioner Hose Single$11.00$11.00$1.00
Air Conditioner Suit Case$11.00$16.50
Air Conditioner Under Dash Unit$44.00$55.00$5.00
Air Filter$1.10$2.75
Air filter (aftermarket)$5.50$5.50
Air Flow Meter$22.00$22.00$5.00
Air Flow Meter Sensor$13.75$13.75
Air Shock Pump$38.50$38.50
Antenna Manual$5.50$5.50
Antenna Mast$1.10$1.10
Antenna Power$22.00$22.00$1.00
Anti-Backfire (gulp) Valve$5.50$5.50
Arm Rest$5.50$5.50
Ashtray large$5.50$5.50
Ashtray sml$2.75$2.75
Axle Carrier$38.50$55.00$25.00
Axle Dif Cover$5.50$5.50
Axle Shaft$33.00$55.00$10.00
Axle Shaft 4X4 Front$55.00$10.00
Axle Shaft C.V. Type$33.00$33.00$10.00
Axle Shaft Assembly Front 4X4$137.50$25.00
Axle Shaft C.V. Type w/knuckle$44.00$49.50$10.00
Axle Tag$82.50$110.00$6.00
Backing Plate W/O Accessories$5.50$11.00
Ball Joint$2.75$2.75
Battery Cable$2.75$2.75$1.00
Battery Cable LRG$11.00$11.00$2.00
Battery Tray$5.50$5.50
Bed Liner$38.50
Belt Tensioner$11.00$11.00$1.00
Blower Motor$11.00$11.00
Bracket large$11.00$11.00
Bracket medium$5.50$5.50
Bracket sml.$2.95$2.95
Brake ABS Contoller$55.00$55.00$10.00
Brake Adjuster$2.75$2.75
Brake Booster$27.50$27.50$10.00
Brake Cable$5.50$5.50
Brake Caliper 1 Piston$16.50$16.50$5.00
Brake Caliper 2-4 Piston$16.50$38.50$5.00
Brake Drum 4-6 Lug$11.00$22.00$1.00
Brake Drum 8 Lug$38.50$2.00
Brake Drum or Rotor w/Hub 4-6 Lug$22.00$27.50$2.00
Brake Drum or Rotor w/Hub 8 Lug$55.00$2.00
Brake emergency Assembly$16.50$16.50
Brake Hose/Line$5.50$5.50
Brake Hydrobooster$55.00$55.00$5.00
Brake Master Cylinder$22.00$22.00$5.00
Brake Master Cylinder w/plastic res.$27.50$27.50$5.00
Brake Pads/Shoes$2.10$2.10
Brake Pedal$5.50$5.50
Brake Proportioning Valve$11.00$11.00
Brake Resevor$5.50$5.50
Brake Rotor 4-6 Lug$11.00$22.00$1.00
Brake Rotor 8 Lug$38.50$2.00
Brake Wheel Cylinder$2.75$2.75
Bumper Bracket$11.00$11.00
Bumper Cover$49.50$55.00
Bumper End Cap$5.50$11.00
Bumper Push Bar Lrg$55.00
Bumper Push Bar Sml$27.50$27.50
Bumper Reinforcement$16.50$27.50
Bumper Shock$11.00$11.00
Bumper Valance$16.50$16.50
Camper Shell$110.00
Canister with Sensor$16.50$16.50
Cap's Oil,Gas,Radiator$1.85$1.85
Carburetor Base Plate$5.50$5.50
Carpet Van$22.00
Carrier Bearing$11.00$11.00$1.00
Charcoal Canister$5.50$5.50
Cigarette Lighter$1.65$1.65
Clock Spring$11.00$11.00
Clutch Assembly$16.50$16.50
Clutch Cable$11.00$11.00
Clutch Disc$5.50$11.00$1.00
Clutch Fork$5.50$5.50
Clutch Master Cylinder$11.00$11.00$5.00
Clutch Pedal Assembly$16.50$16.50
Clutch Pressure Plate$5.50$11.00$1.00
Clutch Slave Cylinder$5.50$11.00$1.00
Clutch Throw Out Bearing$5.50$5.50
Coil Ignition each$5.50$5.50$1.00
Coil Pack$27.50$27.50$1.00
Coil Spring$11.00$11.00$1.00
Console Bare large$22.00$22.00
Console Bare sml.$11.00$11.00
Console Lid$5.50$5.50
Control Arm$22.00$22.00$2.00
Convertible Top Motor$27.50$27.50$2.00
Convertible Top w/Frame$110.00$110.00$2.00
Core Support$49.50$55.00$2.00
Cross member large$27.50$27.50$1.00
Cross member sml.$11.00$11.00$1.00
Cruise Control Lever$16.50$16.50
Cruise control servo$11.00$11.00
Cruise Control Transducer / Brain$11.00$22.00
Cup Holder$5.50$5.50
Cylinder Head Overhead Cam Type$82.50$82.50$10.00
Dash Bare$27.50$27.50
Dash Pad Large$27.50$27.50
Dash Pad sml.$16.50$16.50
Deck Lid$49.50$1.00
Deck Lid Hinge$5.50
Deck Lid latch$5.50
Deck Lid latch electric$16.50
Dipstick Tube$2.75$2.75
Distributor Bare$16.50$16.50$1.00
Distributor Cap Bare$5.50$5.50
Distributor Module$16.50$16.50
Distributor w/ Module$27.50$27.50$2.00
Dome Light$5.50$5.50
Door Complete$49.50$82.50$3.00
Door Handle Inside$6.50$6.50
Door Handle Outside$6.50$6.50
Door Hinge$5.50$11.00
Door Latch$5.50$11.00
Door Lock Actuator$11.00$11.00
Door Lock Cylinder$2.75$2.75
Door Mirror Electric$16.50$27.50
Door Mirror Glass$5.50$5.50
Door Mirror Large hanging$11.00
Door Mirror Manual$11.00$11.00
Door Panel Inside$11.00$11.00
Door Rear no Glass$55.00
Door Rear w/ Glass$82.50
Door Rubber$5.50$5.50
Door Shell$33.00$55.00$2.00
Door Side Sliding Van$82.50$2.00
Door Striker$2.75$2.75
Drag Link$11.00$22.00
Drive Shaft Per Section$22.00$22.00$1.00
Drive Shaft Yoke$5.50$5.50$1.00
EGR plate spacer$5.50$5.50
EGR Valve$5.50$5.50
Emblem $5.50$5.50
Engine Block Bare$55.00$55.00$20.00
Engine complete$220.00$220.00$25.00
Engine Cover Inside (van)$22.00
Engine Long Block$165.00$165.00$25.00
Engine Mount$8.25$8.25$1.00
Engine Sub Frame$55.00$55.00$2.00
Engine-Short block$82.50$82.50$20.00
Exhaust Header Tube$22.00$27.50
Exhaust Heat pipe$3.30$3.30
Exhaust Heat Shield$5.50$5.50
Exhaust Manifold$22.00$27.50$2.00
Exhaust Pipe$11.00$11.00
Fan Belt$1.10$1.10
Fan Blade$5.50$5.50$1.00
Fan Clutch$5.50$11.00$1.00
Fan Motor$11.00$11.00$1.00
Fan Shroud$11.00$16.50
Fan, Electric cooling assembly dual$55.00$55.00$2.00
Fan, Electric cooling assembly single$27.50$27.50$2.00
Fender Extension$11.00$11.00
Fender Inner$11.00$11.00
Fender Skirt$22.00$22.00
Floor Mat$3.75$3.75
Flywheel Automatic$16.50$16.50$1.00
Flywheel Manual$27.50$27.50$1.00
Fog Lamp$5.50$5.50
Frame Bare$165.00$165.00$10.00
Frame K/Sub W/Suspension$110.00$110.00$3.00
Frame Section$33.00$33.00$2.00
Fuel Distributor$22.00$22.00
Fuel Filler Door$5.50$5.50
Fuel Filter$1.10$1.10
Fuel injection pump$22.00$55.00$5.00
Fuel injection rail$11.00$11.00
Fuel Injector$5.50$5.50
Fuel line$2.20$2.20
Fuel Pump Electric$16.50$16.50$1.00
Fuel Pump Electric Assy (in tank)$33.00$33.00
Fuel Pump Manual$5.50$5.50
Fuel Sending Unit$16.50$16.50
Fuel Tank$27.50$38.50
Fuel Tank Switching Unit (Dual Tank)$11.00$11.00
Fuse Box$11.00$11.00$1.00
Gas Filler Neck$5.50$5.50
Gas Shock Hatch/Hood$3.00$3.00
Glass Back$27.50$38.50
Glass Door$27.50$38.50
Glass Quarter Lrg$27.50$38.50
Glass Quarter Sml$16.50$27.50
Glass Sunroof & T-Top$27.50$27.50
Glass Vent$16.50$16.50
Glass Vent Assembly$27.50$27.50
Glass Windshield$55.00$82.50
Glass, Tailgate$55.00
Glass/Hatch (glass only)$55.00$55.00
Glove Box$11.00$11.00
Glove Box Door$5.50$5.50
Glove Box Lock$2.75$2.75
Glow Plug$5.50$5.50
Grill Light to Light$55.00$55.00
Grille large$27.50$27.50
Grille sml.$16.50$16.50
Harmonic Balancer$16.50$27.50$1.00
Hatch NO glass$49.50$82.50$2.00
Hatch w/Glass$82.50$110.00$3.00
Head Light with Turn Signal$22.00$22.00
Head Liners For Van$22.00$22.00
Head Non Overhead Cam$44.00$44.00$10.00
Head Over Head Cam$82.50$82.50$10.00
Header Panel Bare$49.50$55.00$2.00
Header Panel Complete$110.00$110.00
Headlight Assy. Pop-Up Type$16.50
Headlight Bezel$2.75$2.75
Headlight Bucket$5.50$5.50
Headlight Bulb$1.10$1.10
Headlight Composite$16.50$22.00
Headlight Composite bulb$2.75$2.75
Headlight Door$5.50$5.50
Headlight Motor$16.50
Headlight sealed beam$5.50$5.50
Headlight Switch$5.50$5.50
Heat Riser$2.75$5.50
Heater Assembly$55.00$55.00$5.00
Heater Control Switch Manual$11.00$16.50
Heater Control Cable$2.75$2.75
Heater Control Switch Electric$22.00$22.00
Heater Control Valve$5.50$5.50
Heater Core$11.00$11.00$5.00
Heater Hose/Pipe$2.75$2.75
Heater Housing No Motor$11.00$11.00
Heater Motor Blower$11.00$11.00$1.00
Hood Hinge$11.00$16.50
Hood Latch$11.00$11.00
Hood Ornament$5.50$5.50
Hood Release Cable$5.50$5.50
Hood Scoop$16.50$16.50
Horn Button$2.75$2.75
Hub 4-6$11.00$11.00$1.00
Hub 8 Lug$22.00$1.00
Hub w/Spindle (FWD)$22.00$27.50$2.00
Idler Arm$5.50$11.00$1.00
Idler Pulley w/Bracket$11.00$11.00
Ignition Module$16.50$22.00
Ignition Switch$5.50$11.00
Ignition Switch w/Harness$11.00$16.50$1.00
Instrument Cluster$27.50$38.50$1.00
Instrument Cluster Bezel$11.00$11.00
Intake Manifold$27.50$27.50$2.00
Intake Manifold Aftermarket/alum$55.00$55.00$5.00
Jack Bottle/ screw$5.50$5.50
Jack Floor Jack$11.00$11.00
Jumper Cables$5.50$5.50
Ladder Rack$110.00$110.00
Leaf Spring$16.50$27.50$3.00
License Plate Frame$2.75$2.75
Lifters each$2.75$2.75
Lighter Socket$1.10$1.10
Lug Nut$0.28$0.28
Lug Wrench$5.50$5.50
Luggage Rack$22.00$22.00
Marker Light Large$11.00$11.00
Marker Light sml.$5.50$5.50
Mirror Interior$5.50$5.50
Molding Large$11.00$11.00
Molding sml.$5.50$5.50
Muffler Aftermarket$27.50$27.50
Oil cooler$11.00$16.50$5.00
Oil Pan$22.00$22.00$1.00
Oil Pump$5.50$11.00$1.00
Owners Manual$2.75$2.75
Oxygen Sensor$8.25$8.25$1.00
Parking Light$5.50$5.50
PCV Valve$2.75$2.75
Piston and Rod$11.00$11.00$1.00
Pitman Arm$5.50$11.00$1.00
Power Steering Hose$5.50$5.50
Power Steering Linkage$5.50$5.50
Power Steering Pump$22.00$27.50$10.00
Power Steering Ram$16.50$16.50
Power Window Assembly$22.00$33.00$1.00
Pulley (not crankshaft or Balancer)$5.50$5.50
Push Rod$1.10$1.10
Quarter Extension$11.00$11.00
Quarter Glass Hinge$2.75$2.75
Quarter Panel$49.50$55.00$3.00
Rack & Pinion$33.00$33.00$10.00
Radiator $55.00$55.00$25.00
Radiator Hose$5.50$5.50
Radiator Mini >16in$38.50$44.00$15.00
Radiator Overflow Bottle$5.50$5.50
Radio AM/FM/Cassette & CD$16.50$16.50
Radio Speaker$6.50$6.50
Radio Subwoofer$11.00$11.00
Rear Axle Assembly 4-6Lug$82.50$137.50$25.00
Rear Axle Assembly 8 Lug$165.00$25.00
Rear End Housing$38.50$55.00$3.00
Rear End Ring pinion$38.50$38.50$1.00
Rear End Third member$55.00$82.50$10.00
Rear Mirror Electric$11.00$11.00
Rear Quarter Extension$5.50$5.50
Repair Manual$5.50$5.50
Rocker Arm$2.75$2.75
Rocker Shaft Assembly$22.00$22.00
Roll Bar$55.00
Roof Visor$22.00
Rubber Hose SML$1.60$1.60
Running Board$16.50$16.50$1.00
Seat Belt$11.00$11.00
Seat Belt Female$2.75$2.75
Seat Belt Male$5.50$5.50
Seat Bench Front Elec$66.00$66.00
Seat Bench Front or Rear Manual$44.00$55.00
Seat Bucket Elec$49.50$55.00
Seat Bucket Man$27.50$38.50
Seat Cover (Aftermarket)$11.00$11.00
Seat Headrest$5.50$5.50
Seat Motor$11.00$16.50
Seat Section$13.75$13.75
Seat Switch Power$5.50$5.50
Seat Track Elec$22.00$22.00
Seat Track Man$11.00$11.00
Seat with Air Bag$93.50$93.50
Sensor ( oil,water,ect...)$2.75$2.75
Sensor (Map, IAC, ect)$8.25$8.25
Shifter Arm (Manual)$16.50$16.50
Shifter Assembly (Auto)$22.00$22.00
Shifter Boot$5.50$5.50
Shifter Cable$5.50$5.50
Shifter Collar$5.50$11.00
Shifter Knob$3.30$3.30
Shock Absorber$11.00$11.00
Smog Pump$16.50$16.50$5.00
Smog Pump tubes$5.50$5.50
Solenoid (Starter,Door-Trunk lock)$11.00$11.00
Spare Tire Carrier (Crank)$16.50$16.50
Spare Tire Carrier (Swing)$27.50$27.50$2.00
Sparkplug Wire$1.75$1.75
Speaker Box$11.00$11.00
Speaker Tweeter$2.75$2.75
Speedometer Cable$5.50$5.50
Spindle 1ton$55.00$2.00
Spindle -W/Axle (FWD)$44.00$49.50$10.00
Spindle Rotor Assembly 4X4$82.50$2.00
Spindle/Knuckle-Front 2wd$22.00$27.50$2.00
Spoiler/Air Dam$16.50$16.50
Starter Solenoid$11.00$11.00
Steering Box Manual$22.00$55.00$10.00
Steering Box Power$33.00$82.50$10.00
Steering Center Link$11.00$11.00
Steering Column W/O Tilt$55.00$55.00$1.00
Steering Column W/Tilt$82.50$82.50$1.00
Steering Control Valve$11.00$22.00
Steering Coupler$5.50$11.00
Steering Shaft$11.00$11.00
Steering Wheel$11.00$11.00
Strut assembly$27.50$27.50$1.00
Strut Top$5.50$5.50
Sun Visor lrg or Mirror Type$12.25$12.25
Sun Visor sml.$7.35$7.35
Sun Visor W/ Plug$11.00$11.00
Sunroof Assembly$55.00$55.00$1.00
Sway Bar$16.50$16.50
Sway Bar End Link$2.75$2.75
Tail Gate w/ Glass$110.00$3.00
Tail Light assembly large$27.50$27.50
Tail Light assembly small$16.50$16.50
Tail Light lens$5.50$5.50
Tailgate/End Gate$49.50$82.50$3.00
Thermostat Housing$5.50$5.50
Throttle Body Injection$33.00$33.00$5.00
Throttle Cable$5.50$5.50
Tie Rod Assembly$22.00$22.00
Tie Rod End$5.50$5.50
Timing Chain$5.50$5.50
Timing Chain Cover Aluminum$16.50$16.50$2.00
Timing Chain Cover Plastic$5.50$5.50
Timing Chain Cover Steel$11.00$11.00$1.00
Timing Chain Tensioner$5.50$5.50
Timing Gear$5.50$5.50
Tire 225 15" or Smaller$22.00$22.00
Tire 235 or bigger$27.50$27.50
Tire & Wheel Alum./Chrome 225 or Sml$33.00$33.00
Tire & Wheel Alum./Chrome 233 or Lgr$38.50$38.50
Tire & Wheel Steel 225 or Sml$22.00$22.00
Tire & Wheel Steel 235 or Lrg$27.50$27.50
Tire Spare Cover Metal/Plastic$16.50$16.50
Tire Spare Cover Vinyl$5.50$5.50
Torque Converter$11.00$11.00$2.00
Torsion Bar$11.00$11.00$1.00
Trac Bar$11.00$11.00
Trailer Axle$110.00$110.00$10.00
Trailer Ball$2.75$2.75
Trailer Hitch$27.50$27.50
Trailing Arm$11.00$11.00
Transfer Case$82.50$137.50$25.00
Transfer Case Adapter$22.00$22.00$2.00
Transmission Bell Housing$27.50$38.50$2.00
Transmission Clutch Pack$22.00$22.00
Transmission Cross Member$27.50$27.50
Transmission Drum$22.00$22.00
Transmission Dust Cover$5.50$5.50
Transmission Front Pump$27.50$27.50
Transmission FWD or RWD$137.50$137.50$25.00
Transmission Gears$5.50$5.50
Transmission Housing$82.50$82.50$10.00
Transmission Mount$8.25$8.25
Transmission Oil Cooler$11.00$16.50$5.00
Transmission Oil Line$5.50$5.50
Transmission Valve Body$27.50$27.50$1.00
Trim Panel$5.50$5.50
Trim Ring$2.75$2.75
Truck Bed$275.00$15.00
Truck Bed Side$137.50$5.00
Truck Cab Bare$168.50$10.00
Turbo Charger or Super Charger$49.50$55.00$10.00
Turbo Intercooler$44.00$44.00$15.00
Turn Signal Lever$5.50$5.50
Turn Signal Switch$22.00$22.00
Turn Signal Switch Combo$33.00$33.00
U-Bolt plate$2.75$2.75
Vacum Pump$16.50$16.50$5.00
Vacuum solenoid$5.50$5.50
Valve Cover$5.50$5.50$1.00
Voltage Regulator$5.50$5.50
Washer Bottle$5.50$5.50
Washer Bottle Pump$5.50$5.50
Water Pump$11.00$11.00$2.00
Wheel Aluminum/Chrome 4-6 Lug$22.00$22.00
Wheel Aluminum/Chrome 2 ton$38.50
Wheel Aluminum/Chrome 8 lug$27.50
Wheel Steel 1 ton$27.50$1.00
Wheel Steel 4-6 Lug$11.00$11.00$1.00
Wheel Steel 8 Lug$16.50$1.00
Window Crank Handle$2.75$2.75
Window Motor Power$12.00$12.00$1.00
Window Regulator$12.00$16.50$1.00
Window Switch Master$11.00$11.00
Window Switch Power each$2.75$2.75
Windshield Rubber$5.50$5.50
Wiper Arm$2.75$2.75
Wiper Blade$1.10$1.10
Wiper Grille$11.00$11.00
Wiper Motor$11.00$11.00$1.00
Wire pigtail $5.50$5.50
Wiring Harness complete (NO Relays)$44.00$44.00$3.00

Forget retail auto parts stores like O Reilly auto parts, Auto Zone or Pep Boys and come to Nevada Pic A Part!

junkerWhat to Do with your Junker Car

There comes a time when you find yourself with an old car that you don’t need or use anymore. It’s taking up space either in your garage or driveway. Often cars like these sit for extended periods of time deteriorating. Rather than letting your junker just sit there wasting away, why not have it removed and get some money for it? Many people take their junkers and either scrap them out or sell them to junkyards. There are a few options for you to sell your old car and make the most money from it as possible.

Selling to our Junkyard

When you are ready to get rid of your unwanted junker, simply give us a call at (702) 644-1881 or fill out our Cash For Cars form. Based on the information you provide us with the condition of the vehicle and the estimated weight of the car we will provide you with a quote. If you agree to the amount we will pay you for your junker, we will schedule a pickup day. Generally we will pick up your junker in a day or two and will call approximately 45 minutes prior to arriving to the predetermined location. Once there, we will pay you and tow your junker away.

Steps Before Getting Rid of your Junker

1. Assess Vehicle
Before calling Nevada Pic a Part assess vehicle for flat tires, missing parts and damage. This would also be a good time to remove any personal belongings and your license plates that will need to be turned into DMV.

2. Establish Ownership
It is important to make sure you have your title before calling, we are unable to purchase a vehicle without a title.

3. Accessibility
Nevada Pic A Part needs to have access to your vehicle with a flat bed tow truck and someone needs to be able to meet the driver at the time of pickup.

Scrapping your Car

There are times when you need to remove broken down, rusted vehicles from a property and aren’t interested in payment for it. You just want it gone. We will scrap the junker for you at no cost to you, which can be a big relief.

Some Things to Remember When You Pick and Save

• It is impossible to avoid smudging dirt and grease into your clothing. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you wear old clothing. Grease and oil can be difficult to remove from clothing. Trust us, it is not worth the frustration of trying to remove the stains.
• Open-toed shoes are not recommended. Additionally, bring gloves to protect your hands.
• We require that you bring your own tools. It will not hurt to bring along some WD-40 to help loosen up any parts that are tightly secured. We also recommend bringing a flashlight for those hard to see areas.
• You are welcome to pick and pull any parts you need.

If you are capable of fixing your own vehicle—or have someone who can do it for you—then come on down and look through our inventory. We have many vehicles to choose from and mostly likely will have exactly what you need. In addition, we add new vehicles to our inventory every single day which you can check by going to our Self Service Inventory Search page. Even if we do not have the part you need today, you can always fill out our Parts Request form.

When you pick and save, you locate and pull your own parts to take home with you. Our customers save up to 80% on the auto parts we have in the yard. Dealerships and auto parts stores charge more than double the price for the same parts! How can we offer these amazing savings? It is simple. By allowing you to come to our junkyard and pull your own parts; we can offer these fantastic discounts to all of our customers.

We are able to serve a high volume of customers because most of the vehicles on the road today share common parts. These parts are used across several different models of vehicles. If you would like to know if we have the vehicle parts you are in need of, visit us during regular business hours and one of our staff members will be able to provide you with a printout of Parts Interchange.

If you are ready to Pick and Save, come to Nevada Pic A Part today!


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